Lessons January – March 2017

De inschrijving voor het huidige lesblok lindyhop is gesloten. In april begint weer een nieuw lesblok!

Het lesblok duurt 12 lessen en is van 9 januari t/m 30 maart. Let op: de lessen gaan ook tijdens de (school)vakanties door. Een lesblok kost 122 EUR per persoon. Je krijgt 50% korting op elke extra cursus waarvoor je je inschrijft! Ook studenten- en U-Pashouders kunnen een korting van EUR 10,-* krijgen op danslessen.

Nieuw! We hebben een nieuwe les voor dit blok! Er is een speciaal blok voor level 3 en hoger op de maandag. Lees de niveaubeschrijvingen en Course Info voor meer info.

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Registration for the current term of lindyhop classes is closed. In April we will start a new term!

The term will consist of 12 classes and is from 9 January till 30 March. Please note: there are no breaks this term. A term costs 122 EUR per person. Any subsequent class you register for has a 50% discount! Students and U-Pas holders also can get a discount of EUR 10,-* on the dance classes.

New! We have a new class this term! We have a special course for level 3 and higher on monday. Read the level descriptions and Course Info for more info.

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Monday classes:

Lindy 1A and 1B will start 1 week later, so from 16 January – 3 April
Lindy 2 and 3 Special will start regularly, so from 9 January – 27 March

Please check the level in the Class & Level Info menu.

Note: the classes and/or schedule can be still subjected to changes

Level Teachers Time Location
Lindy 1A Rogier & Frederique 21:00-22:15 Podium Oost
Lindy 1B Rogier & Frederique 19:30-20:45 Podium Oost
Lindy 2 Janna & Drew 21:00-22:15 KW4 (Boulderhal Sterk)
Lindy 3 Special Janna & Drew 19:30-20:45 KW4 (Boulderhal Sterk)

>>> There  multiple classes for 1A, 1B and 2 on Monday and Tuesday <<<


Address KW 4 (Boulderhal Sterk): Koningin Wilhelminalaan 4 >>> see map

Address Podium Oost: Oudwijkerdwarsstraat  148 >>> see map

Additional instructions for reaching Podium Oost: You need to take the back entrance of the building, which you can reach through the little courtyard that you can access via Bloemstraat or Bolstraat. If you are coming by bicycle, please park it as much as possible next to the door, so the inhabitants of the courtyard are not bothered too much.

Tuesday classes

10 January – 28 March

Please check the level in the Class & Level Info menu

Note: the classes and/or schedule can be still subjected to changes

Level Teachers Time Location
Lindy 1A [FULL] Kate/Pita & Sander 19:30-20:45 Berenkuil – Studio Oost
Lindy 1B [FULL] Pieter Aart & Mirjam 19:30-20:45 KW4 (Boulderhal Sterk)
Lindy 1C Peter & Annette 21:00-22:15 KW4 (Boulderhal Sterk)
Lindy 2 [FULL] Tobi & Yivii 19:30-20:45 Berenkuil – Kleine Studio
Lindy 2 [FULL] Roberto & Jojanneke 21:00-22:15 Berenkuil – Studio Oost
Lindy 3* Rohan & Maartje 21:00-22:15 Berenkuil – Kleine Studio

>>> There  multiple classes for 1A, 1B and 2 on Monday and Tuesday. There is a special class for level 3 and higher on Monday as well! <<<

* The Lindy 3 class has been changed from a full term (12 lessons) to half term, so there will be only 6 classes

Address Berenkuil: Biltstraat 166 >>> see map

Address KW 4 (Boulderhal Sterk): Koningin Wilhelminalaan 4 >>> see map

Thursday classes

 12 January – 6 April*
* There is no class on Thursday 16 March. The courses are still 12 lessons, so it will continue for one week longer until 6 April.

Please check the level in the Class & Level Info menu

Note: the classes and/or schedule can be still subjected to changes

Level Teachers Time Location
Blues 1 Frank & Laura 19:45-21:00 Berenkuil – Studio Oost**
Blues 2*
Frank & Laura 21:15-22:30 Berenkuil – Studio Oost

* Blues 2 has been replaced by a Blues Social at the same location, and is open/free for all who like to practise their blues moves.
** Normally class will take place in Studio Oost. On February 16th and March 2nd it’s in Berenkuil West.

Address Berenkuil: Biltstraat 166 >>> see map

Thursday classes (Parnassos)

Parnassos is een cultureel centrum van de Universiteit Utrecht. Zij bieden een groot aanbod aan in cursussen, workshops en evenementen voor studenten. Ook Lindy Hop is hierbij aanwezig! In samenwerking met Parnassos bieden wij een cursus Lindy Hop aan, gericht op niveau 1A.

De organisatie hiervoor verloopt via Parnassos. Wil je je hiervoor opgeven, schrijf je dan in op de Parnassos website. Je kan de cursus vinden onder de categorie Dans en Beweging.

Let op: deze cursus begint later en bestaat uit 15 lessen. Check de Parnassos website voor updates. Onderstaand schema is het voorlopige schema dat Parnassos gepland heeft.


Parnassos is a cultural center of the Univesity of Utrecht. They offer a wide range of courses, workshops and events for students. Lindy Hop is also represented there! In collaboration with Parnassos we are offering a Lindy Hop course based on a Level 1A.

The organisation for this course is led by Parnassos. If you wish to register for this course, then you can do so at the Parnassos website. You can find the course in the category Dance.

Please note: this course will start later and consists of 15 classes. Please check the Parnassos website for updates. The schedule below is the tentative schedule that Parnassos is planning

Level Teachers Time Location
Lindy 1A Rogier & Frederique 21:00-22:15 Parnassos – Room 0.10

Address Parnassos: Kruisstraat 201  >>> see map

Course Descriptions

Level 2 by Tobias & Yivii
In this class, you will learn to:
– catch the right moments in the music to express yourself
– change and adapt other dancing styles and musicality
– use momentum & direction: Using energy efficiently to navigate through sequences and space
– work with basic elements, especially in frame and connection
– adapt the dance to faster music
– do variations to faster music

Level 2 by Janna & Drew
After your basic skills learned in Level 1, it is time to step it up!
We will work on strengthening the basic skills and variations you learned in Level 1, but gradually use these to work on your (own) styling and technique. Of course with adding some new variations and some solo work to improve your body posture- and awareness, balance and skills.
And during your recent Lindy life, you also experienced some social dances by now. But how do you survive very fast or slow music? And can you have an amazing dance when you forgot all your learned steps?

But the red line in this course will always be, why do you move as you move? And why does your partner follow when she follows? Our focus is mostly not on the variations itself, but where does the movement come from, and where will you go..?

Level 2 by Roberto & Jojanneke
In this class we expect something from you! You are a dedicated dancer, regularly going to hopspot or other social dances and in for a challenge. We expect you to come to class and if not to practice from the instruction video’s we tape after class. Why? Because we think the whole class benefits from you attending class, and we will be able to keep a nice flow in our classes. You need to have a good basic of dancing, so preferably did level 2 before.

What do you get in return?

  • Lots of private attention and feedback to work on the things that are important for you:  we have a small class of 8 -9 couples and will rotate with you on a regular base.
  • We will provide small privates with everyone during the term.
  • We normally have 3-4 themes during class. You can have input on the theme you would like to work on, but we will probably work on 1 technical theme, 1 musicality theme, and some vocabulary classes.
  • Our aim is to get you to the next level of dancing, not to stay in your comfort zone.

Are you up for the challenge?

Lindy 3 Special by Janna & Drew
The goal at this level is to get beyond ‘moves’ and learn how to improvise from moment to moment together with your partner, to create original, musical and, above all, fun dances from the ground up. Every 3-week block will have a different focus, but will also connect back to the previous blocks. Every class will contain some solo work and exercises to improve your body awareness, balance, posture and control. We will teach you how to use your individual body in the ways that allow you to best work together with your partner. When we teach moves, we will break them down in terms of fundamental technique. When we teach technique, we will show you how to use it to build moves of your own. You will see how the big picture and small details are related.

Weeks 1-3: Advanced essentials
We will ease into things with a few classes in the traditional format: combining familiar moves with some fresh ones and breaking it all down for you. Fun variations for the followers, cool tricks for the leaders. Core principles of movement, connection, leading and following. The most important thing for the first few weeks will be this: you get to know us, we get to know you, and we figure out together where we’re going to travel on our journey this term.

Weeks 4-6: From moves to movement and back
Moves are complicated, movement is simple. In this block we will teach you how to greatly simplify how you think about and create your dancing. We will show you how to create any ‘move’ you like by combining just a few kinds of movement. You will also discover the relationship between movement and steps; this will give you huge freedom to play with rhythms, alone or together with your partner, without interrupting the shared flow of the dance.

Weeks 7-9: Music-freakin-cality
If it ain’t musical, it ain’t dancing. In this block we will get right to the heart of musicality. We will teach you to unlock your brain’s natural tools for interpreting music and expressing it in your movement. We will then combine these with the movement tools from the last block to empower you to dance to a wide range of musical styles. Hot jazz, smooth jazz, blues-swing, blues, soul, funk and the rest. Whatever moves you, you’ll be able to move to it.

Weeks 10-12: Blurred lines
‘Stretch’, ‘delay’, ‘lead sharing’, ‘frame matching’, ‘counterbalance’, ‘conversation’; what is all this stuff?! No, what is it really? And how is it all related? This block is going to boost your brain while tuning your body. By the end, you will know how to connect in an instant, communicate movement so simply that you and your partner will be more like one body than two, and break the conventions of leading and following for truly playful, conversational dancing.

More information

We have moved our class and level information to a seperate menu. Please check the level descriptions in the Class & Level info menu, as well as our new “classflow” page for level progression, and other useful information.

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