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As more and more people are getting excited about the Utrecht Swing scene, we need people like you to help us out to make it even more awesome! Did you have a great SwingDom and want to help create an even better one next year? Do you want to create more social dancing oppertunities? Or do you like DJ-ing, photography and/or creating content? Well, you’ve come to the right address!

Anybody who wishes to help out or to contribute to our ever growing Swing scene can fill out the form below. It doesn’t mean we will call on you immediately, but it helps us a lot to know how many people are willing and available to volunteer. If you’d like to help, but would like to have more information about certain things first, you can also fill in this form! At the end, there is an option to request more information about your selected items.

In the form you can specify any kind of task that you would like to do, as well as any specific events. For instance, if you wish to join the Swingdom committee, you can select “Organisation” at Tasks and “Swingdom” at events. Of course you can also select multiple choices (the more, the better!), and there is room to specify your choices as well. For example: if you wish to join the Hopspot Team but only/mainly organise either the Band Nights or the regular Hopspot nights, you can specify it in the form, as well as any specific preferences between multiple tasks and events. Do you feel like you can add something and do you want to see which tasks – big or small – are available?

Click the button below and fill in a short questionnaire!

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